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Let me tell you about freshness and packaging. We cook each order as you order it. Your meat will be cooked over the brick fire pit, cooled, vacuum sealed, packed in ice, into the box shipped to your door step next day. Never frozen.

All of our side dishes are homemade by us! Our barbecue sauce is made from scratch, not using some other sauce as a base. It’s sweet and spicy flavor is an adventure in itself. Our customers at our restaurant go nuts! We’re sure you will too!

We care about you, the customer. Our hearts and souls are put into each order. That’s our personal guarantee.

In 1986, the Washington Post wrote we had the best ribs in the metro area that includes Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. And all we’ve done since then is gotten better because our eyes and ears are always open. You can never learn too much.

You be the judge and give us a try. This beautiful website was designed by someone else, but the words are all ours!

Thanks for visiting and placing your order.

Randy Keeton, Owner
Randy’s Ribs & Barbecue